Platinum Sponsorship Level

Platinum Sponsorship Level–$5,000 minimum, with some goods/services included


- Featured sponsor of one of the six athletic events held (Ex. ‘Volleyball Tournament sponsored by YOUR COMPANY NAME).

- Company logo on event program cover.

- Company logo on billboards advertising the event.

- Company logo on official event T-Shirt.

- Prominent name and logo display on posters distributed throughout Central Florida retailers and offices.

- Product exclusivity for event sales.

- Prime expo booth location in the Charity Challenge Expo Park in which your company may display products, distribute literature, offer premium promotional items, distribute product samples, etc.

- Mention of your company and/or product by the event announcer every 60 minutes during event.

- Your company banners placed at event.

- Company name displayed on sponsor board as Platinum Sponsor.

Company name on event program.

- Free commercial advertising in Charity Challenge television program. (based on availability)

- Complimentary VIP invitations to all celebrations, receptions and parties associated with various phases of the event, which provide excellent exposure for your company and products.

- The money you donate will be 100% tax-deductible!