You may be asking: How do you choose which charities to benefit? When do the charities receive their donation?

Here at Charity Challenge, we can assure you that your donation is going to a good cause. View the 2016 Charity Recipients List. Many teams, sponsors and/or volunteers specify which charitable organization they want to give their contribution to and many simply leave it to us! You can designate any charity you wish to receive your contribution, there are no limitations. (Charities must be a 501 (C)(3) Organization).

Since its inception, Charity Challenge has awarded $6,034,500 to hundreds of local charities, including $230,000 to 85 charities in 2016; making it the largest independent charity in Central Florida.

All selected charities will be presented with a check at our Annual Charity Challenge Luncheon that will be held something in July/August. More details will be available closer to the event.

 Center from left to right: Senator Lee Constantine, Mariann Lansing, Board Member, 2016 Recipients

How to participate as a CHARITY and QUALIFY for a donation.

Charities may be wondering how they can take full advantage of participating in this great event. Your organization can participate in one or more of the following ways: How to Get Involve and Wish List

  1. Donate Drawing of Chance Tickets. Each charity will receive as many tickets as they wish without obligation and will receive 80% of the proceeds of each ticket sold (Ex. $480 for 600 tickets sold). The more ticket donations you receive, the greater your donation from the general fund. IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR ADDITIONAL MONEY FROM CHARITY CHALLENGE YOU MUST RECEIVE DONATIONS OF AT LEAST 600 TICKETS. Drawing of Chance Flyer. CHECK OUT THIS YEAR’S PRIZE LIST: Charity Challenge XXXII Prize List. Please Contact: Samantha Flory, Event Coordinator  at 407-339-3888, to get your tickets!
  1. Recruit a team to participate in Charity Challenge. Any new team from the apartment, hotel, or hospitality industry is eligible (no team that participated in 2016 may be solicited). Your organization will receive at least 50% of the team’s contribution.
  1. Recruit a new sponsor for Charity Challenge. You receive credit for new sponsors only (no sponsor that participated in 2016 may be solicited). Your organization will receive at least 50% of the sponsor’s contribution.
  1. Help provide goods/services and/or volunteers for the event. Upon Charity Challenge request you can donate goods and services needed (Ex. Registration tables, volunteers, basketball hoops, etc…). The Board of Directors must approve first. Please contact our office first!

If you are interested in participating and/or need more information, please contact our office at 407-339-3888 or via mail at

 The more your organization participates, the more rewards you will receive!

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