How Your Charity Can Participate

Once again this year, the Board of Directors has voted to donate money from the general fund to only those charities that are involved in the event. The more your organization participates, the more rewards you will receive!

Your organization can participate in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Donate Drawing of Chance Tickets: Each charity will receive as many tickets as they wish without obligation and will receive 80% of the proceeds of each ticket sold. (Ex. $480 for 600 tickets sold.) The more ticket donations you receive, the greater your donation from the general fund. IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR ADDITIONAL MONEY FROM CHARITY CHALLENGE YOU MUST RECEIVE DONATIONS OF AT LEAST 600 TICKETS. Drawing of Chance Prize List
  2. Recruit a SPONSOR and/or TEAM for Charity Challenge. Recruit a new sponsor and/or team from the apartment, hotel or hospitality industry (no team/sponsor that participated in 2019 may be solicited.) Your organization will receive at least 50% of the team’s and/or sponsor’s contribution.
  3. Help provide goods/services and/or volunteers for the event; with Charity Challenge’s approval.

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