Have you ever wondered how they get the tootsie in the tootsie pop or why you can’t read an unfamiliar street sign without lowering your music?

Well you won’t find those answers here, but you will find answers to some questions that you may have about Charity Challenge, but if we happened to miss one please contact us, we’re available 24/7 (excluding the hours between 6pm- 9am and weekends!)

Who can register a team in Charity Challenge?

Any company in the hospitality industry such as hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, theme parks, etc. or any apartment complexes. Also, if your company is a member of any association of these two groups such as CFHLA, AAGO, FRLA, etc.

How many people do I need for a team?

A minimum of 6 (3 males and 3 females). There are opportunities to have many more as there are 6 events and you need 6 people for each event (36 people). Also, some events allow for an additional attempt, giving 6 more people a chance.

Are substitutions allowed?

Yes, as many as you want, however everybody who would like to compete will need to register.

What is the age requirement to compete on a team?

You must be at least 18 years old, but can participate under the age of 18 with a legal guardian present at the event to sign a waiver for them.

What charity can I choose to give my money to?

There is no limit to charities that you can give to; they just need to be a registered 501(3)c.

Why does only ½ of my team or sponsor contribution go to my charity?

We have been fortunate to build great relationships over the years and have a large percentage of our expenses offset by donations! In most cases we are able to give every charity 100% of the money designated to them. However, there are situations where a sponsor can not donate all of their services to us and we have to cover our costs from the money designated.

When will my charity receive my donation?

We give all of the money away to the charities at our Charity Luncheon in late July or early August.

What if it rains at the event?

Rain or shine the event will occur.

Will there be anything to eat or drink at the event?

Yes, there are food and beverage options available. No outside food or beverages will be permitted.

Can I bring my pet?

Absolutely not. For the comfort and safety of all attendees please do not bring dogs, cats, snakes, etc. Not to mention that there are enough challenges at the event and Dog-Chasing and Avoiding ‘Landmines’ are not one of them.

Where is parking and how much is it?

There is plenty of parking around the South perimeter of the Citrus Bowl and it is FREE.

Will there be cameras there?

Yes, Charity Challenge provides a tremendous advertising opportunity for participating team/sponsors. The event will be video-recorded and produce a TV Show that will be covered by local and state wide television. The program will air throughout the Florida market on local Bright House channels and other local cable providers.  The schedule will include the program being aired numerous times during the summer and fall months with prime-time exposure. All sponsors will be listed in the credits of the television show. Title, presenting and platinum sponsors receive free commercial advertisements, based on availability.

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