Are you going to be one of the teams for Charity Challenge 2018? Sign Up Today!!!

Charity Challenge is an annual event that takes place in summer. This event gives companies from the hospitality industry such as restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and apartment communities the opportunity to compete against each other in six co-ed athletic events such as obstacle course, tug-of-war, kayak relay, volleyball, tubing relay and basketball shootout to raise funds for local charities.

This is a great way to form employee unity, team spirit and reduce turnover rates by keeping them loyal to your company. All of your team’s contributions go to the charity of your choice. So, are you up for the CHALLENGE?! Why not??



  • Company must be from the Hospitality Industry or an Apartment Complex. Or your company must be a member of a hospitality or apartment association such as, the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando and the Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association.

Team Participants

  • Teams can have as many participants as they wish, as long as they have all registered and signed the insurance waiver.
  • Teams must consist of at least three females and three males for each event, except in the tug-of-war which only two females are required.
  • Hospitality teams must consist of paid employees of the company.
  • Apartment developments must consist of rent-paying residents and/or employees of the complex.

Challenge: Each Team will compete in their division in the following events:

  • Basketball Shootout- Shoot from various distances for most points
  • Kayak Relay- Three-Two person (1 women 1 men) lap, using best time
  • Obstacle Course- Race through series of obstacles, using the best time
  • Tubing Relay- Six-person relay, using best overall time
  • Tug-of-War Contest- Team with rope marker on their side after 90 second wins
  • Volleyball Tournament- Team scoring 11 points and a two-point lead wins

 Teams will compete twice in basketball shootout, kayak relay, obstacle course and tubing relay anytime during the competition time period. There will be a set schedule for volleyball and tug-of-war. You will need to follow this schedule STRICTLY! Schedule will be emailed a week before the event. We will follow up with more information and Team Packet.


  • $500 tax deductible donation, with at least half going to the charity of your choice until April 1st, after April 1st the donation fee will increase to $550.00

Additional Information

  • All participants are required to sign an insurance waiver prior to competing.
  • All teams will be asked to donate at least $100 in gift certificates so we can distribute to our valued volunteers.